Celebrate little wins


What are little wins.  Going to work and pushing the elevator button and having all the doors open, catching all green lights on a morning you are running late, going to pay for your coffee and finding out the person in front of you paid for it.  So many of us become focused on getting the big win, winning the lottery, getting that huge promotion, even in gaming, getting that super rare mount to drop, being the first at anything.  Maybe if we did not put so much weight and focus on getting the big wins, being worlds first, realm first, beating that one guy in a duel, and started looking at all of the little wins we have happen to us every day, using the group finder to get a rare only to zone in to the group and he is at 3%, and getting one or two casts off to down him, even something as rare as getting a legendary piece of gear in an Emissary cash, only to find out it is now 940 gear.  The game has so many opportunities for little wins, that over a great deal of time really add up.  It’s a shame that so many focus on getting the big wins that all of the little ones go unnoticed.

Life is not made up of one huge accomplishment, it is made up of many small victories, all put together making your life a Wonderous story.



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