Why is it fine in one sense but not another

This may wander between gaming and politics, so fair warning.

I may no longer be involved with Twitter, but I do on occasion take a peak to see what a few folks I use to follow may be talking about.  Most days it is about gaming, sometimes food, sports, etc.  And then there is the political stuff.  And I have noticed something that troubles me.

Why is it acceptable to say, where WoW is concerned, do not jump to conclusions, you have not even seen the changes, give them a chance, maybe they know more than you do.  Everything is going to be fine.

And yet the same people will be calling for Merica to get it’s act together, don’t let him in, maybe someone will take him out prior to being sworn in.  And a few others I won’t mention.

Why is it acceptable to call for violence against a duly elected President, but on the same hand say don’t jump to conclusions.  Is it just perception?  Years of don’t trust them, they are evil.

I am willing to let the man try.  Maybe he does have a plan, maybe years of making millions upon millions of dollars gives him insight to what the loop holes are that need to be plugged.  Certainly the past several decades of politicians has not gotten it right.  Maybe it is time we put someone in there that only has a goal of fixing the country.  When you consider some things, the world economy does not revolve around any one country.  Money changes hands electronically faster than any of us can even consider should we buy or sell.  A look at many of the Senators and Congressmen and Women in office for years shows an endless stream of money being tossed at them by anyone with a cause.  And you can’t tell me that you will be impartial when some company has just given your son or daughter a 6 figure job that they don’t even have to show up for.  For too long the world has not seen back room dealings.  Oh and Senator Warren, Let me ask you, would you have asked similar of a nominee of Hillary for HUD as you did Dr. Carson, would you have asked, can you guarantee no money will be funneled to the Clinton Foundation or Clinton Global Initiative.  Yeah, I think not.  Ironically I did see they have closed down the CGI and laid off some 70+ people because rich people around the world are no longer making contributions.  I am not saying that because she is a woman.  I personally feel that if either party put a viable candidate up man or woman, that they would have swept the election.

The die has been cast, the results are final.  Instead of being one to block change, offer alternatives, work with people.  We all see from gaming, to get a big boss down, you need to work together.  If Guldan represents the global economy, and the Burning Legion Isul, then shouldn’t we take what we know, team work and cooperation wins the day.  Infighting just gives problems a free reign.

Mostly I just wish people would stop. All you are doing is making yourselves look like those you point to on the forums and tell to deal with it. The difference is this is real life and not some game. While people in game may forget once the next tier or expansion drops, people you demonized in real life won’t forget quickly. 


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