I do sense the irony. 

I keep seeing people stating that millions are losing their life saving health care. Nothing ever happens overnight in Washington. And I do seem to recall a comment that they would have something to replace it with. It won’t just go away, there will be some new health insurance plan. 

Ok. That said. I know many people that just cannot afford the “Affordable Care”  they end up paying the Government fines because they don’t earn enough money to pay for insurance. So not only don’t they have insurance, they are paying to not have it too. I know others that could get coverage. And for this year we’re looking at a 60% increase in premiums, to a point that, they can not afford it. Does anyone actually believe rates will not go up?  Yes. I know someone that had life saving surgery that was near the $100,000 mark. Without ACA they would be in debt for a lifetime. However, that is a part of the problem. The health care industry is out of control, with costs and fees for things not even related to getting treatment. High malpractice insurance because of frivolous law suits. Drug companies charging what they feel like to be beyond profitable, people buying companies that sell life saving medications and raising prices because they can. 

I know what a major procedure costs. I’ve seen the bills. I have seen what is actual, and what it just stuff the submit to insurance to get money. $3,500 for anesthesiologist, $6,000 for surgery. $435,000 for a week in the hospital. The charges for doctors poking their heads in once a day for 2 minutes. I was there every morning at 6am, I left every evening at 10pm for a week. There were days I saw 1 doctor once, days I saw a doctor and a resident, once. I contested near $100,000 in charges because they said 9 doctors visited every day. In the end the health insurer told me to drop it, they would take care of it. I paid a few thousand over two years to pay off the bill. And we had great insurance. Now it costs us half a weeks pay or more a month, for one of us. I have family that pays over $500 a month for just themselves in a company plan. 

We were all heading to having to be a part of ACA. And it cannot stay solvent with everyone. The department running it would have gotten bigger and bigger, with bigger salaries. And eventually been broke with no one having any coverage. The super rich?  They don’t care. They can move to their private islands, or other countries if you try to make them pay. Because they are rich. 

Sorry. It’s been a long week. I don’t know what the new plan will be. I certainly hope that it is affordable enough that anyone can get some form of coverage. People should not have to choose between being able to feed your children or taking them to a doctor. 


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