Oh I can raise my top Artifact weapon ability


I saw the other day I had gone past the 1.9 million mark and was collecting artifact power still, so I went to the class hall and took a look to see what they may have added in with 7.1.5.  As I scrolled over all of the abilities everything was at maximum, until I got to the top one, oh, it does not have a 1/1 on it.  Hmmm, so I clicked on it, and spent 1.9 million AP, to raise my damage 0.5%.  Yup I went from a top rung talent that gives 5% increased damage, to 5.5%.  And then I just walked away.


I thought about it driving in today.  I normally see on something that takes more than 20 seconds to kill, maybe around 250,000 DPS.  I am no where near those people pulling 700k.  So what does it mean for me to get this boost to my DPS?  1,250 damage.  Even if it had raised me a whole 1% which might have at least felt a little better because we would be increasing our damage by a whole percent, it’s only 2,500.

I know it may mean something to the people at the top pushing Mythic Nighthold tomorrow to have that little bit extra, but for me?  I just walked away depressed.  Because I know that this is about as good as I will get for the next year.  Time walking was an exercise in frustration, yeah get your shite together there Blizz, no one likes to go from how they normally play with over 20% haste to have it plunge to 11%.  I was not even half the numbers of the rest in group.  I almost am starting to believe the things so many say, that you really don’t like Shadowpriests, unless they are the ones raiding Mythic or doing Mythic +10 or higher dungeons.  I should not feel like my entire evening is just logging in, sending out missions, seeing if there is a quest in town, then looking to log out.

I use to agree, it is not your job to entertain me.  That it is my job to suck it up and work on the content that’s there.  But I have seen the golden carrot now.  And it is not as enticing as it was before.  The rewards should equal the effort.  But apparently adjustments made because of those that play a lot more than me, those that power grind AP effect what rewards I get.  I won’t play the way they do, I won’t play the way you want me too either.


4 thoughts on “Oh I can raise my top Artifact weapon ability

  1. I also get frustrated, often when I’ve seen players go so far beyond my patience and talents. My problem is that I’m jealous of those running high mythic plus dungeons and, honestly, I don’t want to do them. Like I’m missing the point and I need to redefine my definition of myself as a player.
    And then, Blizz introduces a bunch of catch-up mechanics and all their effort equals my showing up.

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