When you finally realize, the best course is to just walk away.

There are a few people that I have a lot of respect for in the Warcraft world that most of us live in.  And this election has brought out the worst in a great many people on both sides.  And I have sat and waited for cooler heads to prevail.  But I see that will not be happening any time soon.  Certainly I have my own opinions about the world, and I am sure I may disagree with many people on individual topics.  What brought me to follow and read a great many people was Warcraft, and the notion that working together despite factions and differences in how to play.  But I see now that only exists in the fantasy virtual world, and does not carry over to real life.  It’s a shame really.  But I chose to walk away and look for new people that want to talk, not push ideals they favor.  I respect your choice in all things, I just wish now that the decision is over, you would be wiling to respect mine.  However wrong you feel it may be.  And if you some how manage to bring about the downfall of the person many of us chose, please do not relish the moment, because while you may be happy along with millions of others, there will also be millions that are not.

Just want to add in a special Thank you to Bill Mahr who likened me to a Pillbilly, drug addict. Thank you so much. I will be sure to send a letter of thanks to HBO also. 

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