You don’t see the irony

I do see it.  All those people that decried the media for their coverage of things dealing with Hillary Clinton, and how the media gave Trump the election.  And now I see people calling for the media to take him down.  The funny thing is, the people you really need to talk to, don’t care.  You see it was not those that are out at rallies for either candidate, not those with Vote signs in their lawn that swayed the election.  The people that did are the ones no one notices or acknowledges.  Those people that get up for work every day, go off to their jobs, come home after a long day, spend time with their families, care for aging relatives, volunteer at their kids school, try to do things for their community.  They are a blank face in the crowd that you do not see.  Oh sure you may notice them, may think, hey, isn’t that, that guy?  You know the one at the thing, oh whats his name, you know who I’m talking about.

Yes, the people that go unnoticed, that no one ever seems to focus their efforts on when it comes to running for office.  They are the ones that vote one way or another every 8 years or so for change.  They let which ever party seems to have change as their message.  They will let one party or the other have a go for 8 years, and at the end?  If things are going to hell, they will vote for a new guy.  We are the ones that vote from our hearts.  We do not have a political agenda, we do not care how you run things, as long as you are making an effort to solve some problems.  We are the back bone of the country, the ones that all of the special programs for select groups get funding from.  We don’t mind.  We are all in favor of doing what can be done to help those that need help.  Children should always come first.  Then those that truly need assistance, there should be money to help when natural disaster damages or destroys communities.  We got to a point where we could reach out to other countries to help, but like anyone that offers assistance, one became another and another, until we were trying to help so many, were were forgetting to help those here.

People fundamentally want to help others, by helping others we all survive, we will even give more than we should because a persons plight is so dire.  But eventually, we all reach a point where we have to say no.  I cannot.  This is actually kind of hard to write for some personal reasons.  We really would like to be there for you, cheering you on, encouraging, lending a hand if we can.  But we all reach a point where we feel that we are being pulled under, and the only recourse we have is to just let you go.  We may try to keep an eye on you, want to reach out and say, hey, we are still here, but we don’t.  We have made our choice, made our decision.  And we are prepared to live with it good or bad.

So when you take your stand, and call for what we felt was not right to change back to the way you want, we respect that you do, even though we may not agree.  And we hope that you can respect our choice, but deep down we know you can’t. But we hope anyway.  The world changed last weekend, maybe for the better, maybe not.  But it changed.  I just hope that we can all move forward to all work together to make the change create more good than bad.  Because if all you expect from the decision is that it will be bad, then that is all you will ever see, no matter how much good may actually come from it.  Life is an ever changing thing, and I am sure in 8 years it will change again.  I just hope you all can learn from the experience, that it is not the other person shouting to try to influence, but the quiet person that no one notices.  I should add too, that trying to bully people, or intimidate them does nothing to support your viewpoint. It just reinforces a difficult decision. 


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