You reasearch fights

Certainly some people will skim over the Dugeon journal. Some will go the extra step to watch a video, others may even go so far as to visit a class site for information. 

I find it hard to believe many will just take what they hear on the news, or from some fake or even legitimate web site. 

In these times when tensions and feelings are heightened it is very easy to fall victim to the sound bite. If you read something, and it seems unbelievable that it could mean what either side it yelling about. Take a few minutes to go look up all of the facts. You may be surprised at what is really being said. 

I am not defending Trump, or any other world leader that has had an action or proposed change dragged through the social media muck. I’m just saying. Before you grab your tar and feathers and make ready the rail. Do some research people. You are all better than this. 

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