So I abandoned a bunch of Emerald Nightmare quests and it felt good

It all started with seeing the Kirin Tor up for the emissary.  Barrels if fun is not so hard now with the add on, so then I went south to Azuna to give Like the Wind a go.


I don’t get it. Barrels I can do, Bubbles I can do, Mana Saber riding I can do, Enigmatic………..yeah, if I am up for some frustration, but this new one?  Aside from having to fight my way through 110 elites that killed me.  Count that as an abandoned quest.

So then I looked around the map, then saw that quest log, all of those Emerald Nightmare quests, all the ones for Karazhan, the one for Illidan, and now Nighthold, and I just had it. I will never be in Emerald Nightmare on Normal enough to finish the quests, Illidan is going to rot in his crystal if he is depending on me, Karazhan?  Yeah, nope.  I will get Guldan down on LFR certainly as soon as it is available in LFR, but after that?  Guess I am waiting on 7.2.  Is raiding in such a bad spot for participation that they need to motivate people with quests to do it more?

There is so much to do, so why am I in a funk about wanting to do anything.  Why is having too much to do, so depressing.  Is it because there apparently is no end?  I thought Artifact Power was done, until I saw it keeps going, I would like to finish leveling my professions, but they have made that “have meaning”.  Maybe it has for some.  The tailoring was engaging until the story stopped and kind of petered out.  Did Enchanting have a story?  I don’t know.  The Class hall quests are so wrapped around Raids that I don’t know any more which I have to do and which I could skip.  All of those missions every day.  This begins a quest, so does this.  No.  No more raid or dungeon endless quest chains.  Oh, and doing the first wing of LFR?  gave me a quest, to go back into the raid again.

Maybe raiding is in more trouble then they are willing to say.  Maybe Mythic dungeons are the way of the future.  Perhaps they do not want to do anything to help guilds because they would prefer they just go away,

who did shoot J.R.

4 thoughts on “So I abandoned a bunch of Emerald Nightmare quests and it felt good

  1. For me alone, I am constantly trying to find places where I can draw the line and not step into it. Kirin Tor dailies, while I might have really enjoyed the puzzles, I decided that it would be a “daily off”. Same with leveling Engineering — I love my engineering with the mailbox and jeeves and portals; I’ll keep that profession. But I drew the line and refuse to level it until way (way) down the line.
    I’m with you on the quest log. My Kara quests sit there. However, I do see guildies joining pug groups all of the time just to clear the quest log! I might feel unsure about exposing myself to such an experience but millions upon millions of players are doing it every day.
    I have to define myself as a player which will shape my goals. I don’t want to do thousands of Mythic Plus dungeons because I want to still be playing six months from now. I do want the tier sets from the current raid and I might start joining groups just for a shot at that one boss (and then leave, it is expected).
    Very good blog topic!

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