I will remember how you behave now in 4 years

How people are behaving now, is shaping how not only the rest of the world, but more importantly those people here in the US are going to remember the party you represent in the next presidential election. I am a democrat, and I am ashamed of the behavior I am seeing. The candidate that the party put all of its eggs in the basket with was Hillary Clinton. Not Bernie Sanders. As to Mr. Sanders, if you believed all that you were saying, all you hoped we believed you meant, all the promises, why did you not just say, no, this is important. Things have to change, I am still in the race. Would Hillary have lost supporters? Yes. But so would have Trump. And maybe, just maybe we would have had a different result than we do now. 

Water, bridge, its under it and gone. Deal with it. Get involved, volunteer, help your party get back respect. Jonathan Pie said it best. It’s the Left’s fault. When will we learn that calling people names, putting people down, just doesn’t work. What on earth did everyone supporting Hillary think would happen. From the moment she took a stand that she wasn’t Donald Trump, that she basically was going to have 4 more years of trudging along on the same course. People in the lower middle class are hurting. We have carried the burden for so long that we cannot any more. The US is a reflection on the problem with a world economy. Here’s a tip. If you have a world economy and it fails, there is no one to bail you out. Absolutely people want to help make the world a better place. But invariably, there will always be someone that wants better. Oh thank you for bailing out our economy. Hey wait. You have nice stuff. I want nice stuff too. I can haz now?  No. I don’t want to work for it. Work is hard. Can’t I stay at home and let you take care of me?  I can’t work. I had a supervisor once that yelled at me because I was asleep. Now I’m afraid I will get triggered if I have a job. Are you fricking serious? We all would love to stay home and watch tv and play games. Would love to promote causes while we read Twitter and Facebook all day long. 

If you want to improve the world you have to work at it. That means getting your ass out of bed every morning whether you like it or not. Going to the suck ass job you have, and getting on with your life. Unless you are the child of a wealthy person, at some point in your life, people will expect you to contribute to society. 

Sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. 

Yes I bloody well did. I am upset, you should be upset. We have Donald Trump as the president of the United States, because even throwing more than a billion dollars at running for president, Hillary Clinton lost. Period.  End of story. Move on. If you want to get funding for a program, show the world you are putting in the time and work to keep it going. Getting a piece of cardboard and writing “not my president” “down with Trump” “love Trumps hate”. What do they even mean. But I am sure that those people at the top of any organization would most certainly take money from the man if it was offered. 

The majority of Americans don’t get it. Anyone under 34 has only known George Bush or Barak Obama as president. They don’t remember Bill Clinton, or Bush senior, Regan, Carter, Ford, Nixon. I do. I have lived through all of them. No one brings up that mortgage rates were double digits when Carter was in office, that the relaxing of lending rules passed by the Clinton administration lead to the housing collapse. We all point at who ever is currently in office and blame them for the worlds problems. 

Listen. I am going to say this as calmly and non judgementally as possible. Life is hard. Life tosses crap on you most every day. You have to at least try to survive on your own. There will not always be someone there to bail you out, to help you get up. But if you try, then someone will certainly reach out to help. But you not only have to try, you have to be willing to reach through crap to help another. 

Calling the man names, putting blame on all those that voted for him over her, for what ever reason, is just going to stick in the minds of all those that feel you are personally placing blame on. I will most certainly remember how people are behaving. And in 3 1/2 years I will see who you are championing. And I will most likely not vote for them, because of the way you are acting today. 

Be better than that. It’s not hard. Refer to the man by his name, don’t point and complain about his choices, offer solutions. We dealt with 8 years of Blame Obama memes and look what it got us. Blaming is easy. Working for a better world is hard. You can’t change the world by yelling and screaming and looking for ways to get him out of office. But you can speak to people and offer other ideas, and workable solutions. Love may Trump hate, but rational discussions change things. 

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