An observation on the world and social media. 

We, or I should say those of us that are/were a part of Twitter and the WoW community know. 140 characters is never enough to formulate a statement. It is condensing an idea into a short thought. Some people use Tweet longer, some blog. 

What I have observed is that the news is becoming Twitter. Taking what you want to get across and condensing it down to under a minute. If you want more, you can go to the news web site. 

It’s always been about the clicks. 

I see the world jumping from one conclusion to another, one cause to the next. I saw a comment. 

It would be better if everyone did what you believe is right. Then suddenly everything would be fixed. 


I am not trying to pick a fight or start a long debate on issues. I just want to point out that perhaps she is doing the same. 

What is right is subjective. What may be right for me, for her, for billions of people across the globe will always be different. What she sees from her part of the world going on over here is different from what I see. Our backgrounds may have some similarities but we are two different people that sometimes have similar views. I may see something in the news and look at it from a different perspective than she does. We are from two different cultures. While I may not fully agree with how President Trump says things, I read exactly what he is signing. I am not reading into the document anything other than what it says. It is too easy to put emotions or public opinion into what is being signed. Are a lot of these changes upsetting a lot of people?  Absolutely. But sometimes to fix a problem, you need to upset people. In the US, for every 100 the news can portray having a problem with something, they could easily find 100 that don’t. But controversy drives news. 

1/4 of the US wanted Hillary and a continuation of the policies placed in by former President Obama. 1/4 of the US wanted change because they were hurting. 1/2 of the US could give a flying….  just like in WoW, the vast majority don’t care. They just go about living their lives as best they can. 

To me. I look at how things have gotten. From the single mom working 50 hours a week having to chose which health care plan she can afford taking less for herself so her child can have better, even to a point she may have to drop her own coverage. To my father in law that has to look every week what prescriptions he can hold off refilling, and dreading a doctor visit to strap his limited budget more. While the goals of the Affordable Care Act may have been noble, the reality is something entirely different. Why should a person working more than a normal work week, or a man that worked in a warehouse till well in his 70’s have to struggle, when people that have entered the country illegally get theirs for free. I do not mean those people that came here through the system. 

Last year I read a book about my father in laws father. He came to the US by way of Canada as a teen. So you may feel, well he entered illegally. Get off your high horse. But when you look further. How did he end up in Canada. Well when he was 6 he had no relatives, so England shipped him off to Canada to work on a farm. He was one of over 100,000 Home children shipped off from England to Canada due to social and economic circumstances at the time. He worked for 10 years until he was 16, if he had stayed until he turned 18, he would have received several thousand dollars. He walked away from there with the clothes he had on and found some family in New York City. And you may think, oh that was back then, times were different. But it happened up into the 1960’s. No country is perfect, policies are made, recinded, reworded, and life goes on. There will always be people that feel they are being put upon, or have things change they do not like. The world is an imperfect place. He was 6 years old, just a child, and the government there shipped him off to another country, because they could not afford to give him care. 

I guess what it comes down to is this. Always read exactly what is being said. Don’t read into things. Cultures are different, people have different values, what is important to you, may not be to others. If you want to improve things, work with people, don’t write them off and fight them on everything. It may be important to you, may be important to millions. But may not be to millions more. 

2 thoughts on “An observation on the world and social media. 

  1. I love politics, I studied it in University but i reaised quite quickly I was a little different from some of my other class mates because I couldn’t pick a party, I couldn’t look at a bunch of policies and not agree with them just beause they were written by the opposing party. I think this was partly tempered by the fact I also majored in Anthropology so I learnt there to observe and note judge and not impose my view of what I think is right on others. I don’t think I fully agree with what Trump is doing, BUT, that is my perspective from a culture not of his and without and understanding of what it is like to live in your country. And more than that, who I am to jump up and down and oppose because while many people don’t agree with what he’s doing, it was the majority vote that got him in.
    I’m also a firm believer that the media is often responsible for creating problems where there would be none without judicious use of half-truths and fact massaging.

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    1. There is another sticky topic there. He didn’t win the majority vote. He lost by 3 million I believe. But he won in the right places, and those vote won him the electoral college votes. Many are saying that the system is antiquated and it should be the popular vote. Seeing that the majority of the country is registered democrat that alone would tend to sway elections. But something even more important. California has more registered voters than 48 of the 50 states. If you look at a map of the country, Clinton won all of the major cities. Trump won the suburbs and rural areas.

      A good analogy for him that I heard, is that he is the doctor with poor bedside manner, that’s telling you, that you have to loose weight, stop smoking, and drinking, and exercise 4 days a week. You don’t want to hear it, but deep down you know a lot of what he says is kind of right.

      I was reading some things for another blog I started to focus more on what is really being said. I see people saying Obama left office with a budget surplus, yet looking I see the country is over 18 Trillion dollars in debt. Near 300 billion dollars a year is just interest on the debt. I am quickly learning, things are not always what the news or social media make them out to be. You really need to look deep to see what’s really being said.


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