Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs

Unfortunately a lot of people feel this expansions classes have been cracked and fried. I know it feels that way to me. Just when I think I might be ok, they went and mixed it up. Not quite scrambled. But you get the analogy. 

I feel at the moment like I am in a maintenance mode for playing. I log in for a bit, see what’s in town, maybe do an emissary for the two factions I have left. One need about 2000 rep, then all I have left are the Vikings. Right. Ow I feel like I am done The Broken Isles. I know I’m not, know there may be some more coming, but it feels like farming old content. Once 7.2 hits and I have flying I will go find the handful of treasures I need to complete. Some are just so obscurely located, I don’t even bother. I really hope they don’t appear in the next expansion.  

Not much else for me. I will get wing 3 tonight probably. Maybe a second piece of cloth LFR tier, with Versatility. 😤. Would not mind seeing a lot of flavor stats just go away. Other than that?  What the next expansion I guess. 

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