week 9 of Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge Topic 9! How do you explain gaming/raiding to your non-gamer friends and family?

How do you explain gaming/raiding to your non-gamer friends and family?


This is a tough one for me.  I do not have much family left, my sister and her husband, and my niece who thinks that I am pretty cool because I play WoW.  We don’t really talk about gaming when we have a rare opportunity to get together.  Normally the holidays or birthdays.

My wife who also games with me, or I guess more I with her, she is more of a gamer than I have ever been.  We occasionally talk about things around her family, and they probably don’t understand half of it.  Some of our friends are gamer’s, but outside of playing we don’t really talk about it.  I kind of liken it to Cats, or pets.  When conversations between groups of people get kind of awkward, or people run out of things to talk about, the conversation always shifts to cats.  Or Dogs.  And some funny thing they did the other day.  It’s the same with gaming.  It is not something I lead off in a conversation, but can eventually find some way to incorporate it, for lack of anything else to talk about.

Considering the volatility of the world now, talking about video games is probably a safe topic.  Religion and politics certainly aren’t any more.

The toughest part in writing this was realizing how few friends I have. Life is short. Before you realize it, years have passed by. Friends move on, you/they get married, have kids, priorities change. The joke, all my friends are in here, in the virtual world, is not much of a joke for me. 


6 thoughts on “week 9 of Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge Topic 9! How do you explain gaming/raiding to your non-gamer friends and family?

  1. Most of my friends are online, mostly because I like to live in my online world when I can but it does make for a limited circle when I have to venture out. My family is pretty small like yours, it’s actually scarily small. I don’t like to think to much about the future. Thanks for joining in Mara, I like to see how everyone takes the one topic and opens it up into their own 🙂

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      1. You know what.. even though we come up with the topics, there have been some that I’ve really struggled with finding the words for so it’s challenging me too.
        We’re on the hunt for new topics soon so if you have any ideas, let us know 🙂

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      2. Oh wrathofkublakhan sparked a thought for a topic.

        Friends can be gamers, but can gamers be friends. Can you maintain a friendship when raiding comes between you. Can you remain friends if you feel one friend is holding everyone back. Is the game and progression more important than friendship.


  2. Yeah, I prefer gamers as friends so I’ve found them online in WoW. It may sound all wrong when I write this but: when you are online, you can hang up and walk away and no one is offended. It is your choice how much time you spend with them or if you feel like doing it at all. I know it sounds anti-social but in reality the core of it is very social.

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