Legion Assaults incoming

read about the upcoming Legion Assaults for the Broken Isle here


Oh and a new 3 man scenario it appears.

Wonder if they will add a timer to it for extra goodies.

I think this will be me.

I think I may sit back and welcome our new Burning Legion Overlords.

The downside to spending a great deal of time reading other folks blogs, is realizing how crappy a player you are. 

I saw some suggestion that perhaps all the old zones may one day scale to your level. And I don’t think I would enjoy that one bit. There is a point you just grow tired of always having to be 110% focused. I cannot even imagine a level 110 Hogger with 500 million health. It’s interesting tech, allowing people to level more to their taste, but sooner or later you just want to get through it all. I guess if they are considering going in that direction, I should complete my second Lorenaster, since I did it before all the individual zones. 

In the end, just another feature that does not apply to me or hold any interest. But I’m sure others will jump at the opportunity to level Alts that way. 


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