I almost went back to Twitter today, but didn’t. 

While I may no longer be on Twitter, that does not prevent me from reading what people are talking about, reading what people I once followed are saying, or even looking for inspiration to write about things. I like to think of it as looking at the newspapers at a news stand for the headlines, but not purchasing the paper.

This will be political, so if you are tired of discussions on that go no further.

So what almost got me to go back. Was it missing the dialog with others, reading the viewpoints of others, just having a bunch of folks to talk to, not at?  No, although those are true, what riled me up was how people are behaving. And this can be said of both sides here in the US, and all of you folks in the EU.

Everyone keeps saying, “oh we know people that voted for Trump are not all racist, women bashing, conservative, and I will refrain from the more derogatory labels. And yet every day, these same people toss up example after example of a minority percentage of people that portray the worst, as examples of why choosing him was wrong. “See!!! Look at these people!!! They think like you!!!”

It has gotten beyond old. You all say, we have open minds, you should entertain other opinions, you should not judge. But apparently that only applies if a person agrees with your way of thinking. Or at least that is the perception I see. You will entertain other ideas, until a person meets you half way and concedes you are at least mostly right.

And I just want to shake and tell everyone to just stop. All you are doing by continuing the insults is driving people into respective corners. You may be gaining people that think like yourself, while others are just walking away. And you are doing exactly what you accuse others of doing. Not talking to people. You all are just talking AT THEM.

I wanted to come back and say, please just stop. You are all not Social Justice Warriors, you are not Femminists, Democrats, Republicans,  Labor Party, or dozens of other names. You are all members of the human race. And it’s time you all started acting like adults. And I am not just singling out the 20 somethings, I’m looking at you folks in your 30’s and higher. You are all acting like asses. And I just wish you would all stop before the only people you have left to talk to are ones that believe only what you say. You will become the close minded people you so hate.
There is only one person that can get things to change. And that is you. If you do not respect the opinions of others, why should you expect them to respect you.
I won’t be coming back to Twitter any time soon because to me, it is exaserbating the problems.


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