We have a GM in our guild. 

Oh I know. Of course you do. All guilds have a GM. But no. I mean we have a Game Master. I won’t give out his name because I respect his privacy. 

So how do I know this. Well he works with a friend of my wife’s that she went to High School with. They are both late shift workers so are on during the day when there are not a lot of people online. 

So you may be thinking.  Wow. That’s cool. Have you asked him what it’s like?  Asked for any special favors?  Given him a special rank?  Nope. Nada. I treat him with the same level of respect I treat everyone else in the guild. He has never asked for any special treatment, and does not make what he sometimes does public. So I extend that courtesy to him. 

It’s funny. When I was active on Twitter, how I use to see people try to curry favor with Blizz employees.  They are just people folks. Just like you and me. I would rather occasionally reply to one of them as just another person. I can only imagine how on guard they must be about how people behave around them. Are they looking for a favor, do they want something, is there a motive. It must suck to have to look at people with a critical eye. 

It’s amazing in life how people react to the way others treat them. I prefer to just treat people in the same way I would hope they treat me. Maybe that makes me different. I don’t know. People say, do something good for someone today. I chuckle at that. You should not need to make an effort to just be a better human being. I see a woman most mornings on my way for coffee. Every morning I will pause for a moment to hold open the door to the store. Because it’s the polite thing to do. In I don’t know, 6 or 7 years, she has never once said Thank you. And I don’t do it for the alnowledgment. I could be an ass like many others and just go about my way. Being a decent person is not something you have to remind yourself to do. Or a checked box on a score card. You just do it. 

I could single out this person in guild, could give him a special rank, but I know how people are, they would ask for favors, would ask him all sorts of questions. And the time he spends not working would be filled with work. And I would no wish that on anyone. So without him asking, I just let him enjoy his time playing. Because at the end of the day, we play the game to relax and have fun. It’s never supposed to be a job. 


2 thoughts on “We have a GM in our guild. 

    1. I know the headaches I get being not only a long term player, but the guild leader too. I try to help people when I can with questions or even enchants. But at a point you have to say no because you are not playing yourself. I could not imagine that on a daily basis.


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