For all those in England upset over the 350 children

Look back at your history.  There was a time you could not even take care of your own, and just shipped them off to Canada.

I know this because my father in laws father was sent off when he was 12, to be a farm laborer.  At 6 he had no family and was placed in an orphanage.  He fled the farm in Canada at 16 to find what family he had living in New York city.  All of our countries have a dark past.  At some point in time we have all born witness to things that years later we are ashamed of.  Any of you over there, or here in America that wish to protest about them not bringing in more children, or more refugees, unless you are one of those opening your homes to them, then talking about it means nothing.  I have opened my home to give a young man a home and a chance at getting his life back on track.  How many of you have done the same?


6 thoughts on “For all those in England upset over the 350 children

  1. I have not done the same.
    I read this article about Baby Trains in the early 1900’s. Parents in New York would put their babies on a train and send them West where farming families would pick out the one they liked. Can this be a true story?

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    1. Good possibility it is. As shocking as it was for me to learn about my father in laws father when I was helping him work on his family history, even more shocking was seeing that England continued to ship over children to Canada into the 1960’s.


    2. I get frustrated when I see people up in arms over the millions of refugees, starving children in 3rd world countries. Yes it is tragic, yes if we can we should help, depending on our governments to do everything we want them to, to help the world, overlooking those starving in our own country, well we should help them too. But no one wants to know about how to pay for it. The fall back, just tax the rich would not even come close. I’m not trying to take a moral high ground because I opened my home to someone I barely knew, except through WoW. He was it desperate trouble, and we offered a roof over his head, and food to eat. Yeah I would like to get some money towards food and utilities, but I know he is digging out of a hole many could never hope to climb out of. I would love to be in a position financially to help all those with go fund me pages, people in such a bad place they have no where to turn. I’ve done all I can. And when I see people saying things like we should do more? I get a little upset.

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