Have I been pushed to far?

I love playing WoW. I recall they days when I would come home and help get dinner made, and we would log in to work on quests and leveling. When we had only scratched the surface of exploration or achievements. Getting Over 9000 was a pretty big deal way back then. We never really farmed dungeons until we got to Wrath. We were level 80 and you farmed them for the currency to get gear. Yeah you could get the occasional good drop, but you were gearing up to raid. Because there was a bad guy sitting on the Frozen Throne. And we had to beat him.

Some where between oh the midst of Cataclysm I think, it started to feel like a job. We were grunt soldiers in a war. A war with never ending waves of bad guys to defeat. And I wonder if that, psychologically we all get to a point we just don’t care. Let the demons have the world. Let it all burn. In 6 months I will have been playing for 8 years. That is a long time to fight a war. Now as I understand it we will be taking the fight to another planet, yet again. Did we not learn our lesson in Draenor?

Someone asked in the General forums why people didn’t like Mythic dungeons. I gave an honest answer. Because they are just not fun to me any more. Running them 2, 5, 10, 20 or more times each, only to also be able to do them at ever rising difficulties. It’s no longer fun. When they introduced 3 player scenarios, they were fun for a time. But eventually they too lost their luster. I think it comes down to what point does repetition become less fun and more of a job.

I am in a holding pattern right now. I’ve still got a few things I can do and work on. But there is nothing compelling enough for me to rush home to get logged in like there use to be. Maybe this is burn out. I don’t know. All I know is now?  I just don’t care. The Legion can have the world.


2 thoughts on “Have I been pushed to far?

    1. I don’t mind doing some things a few times. I run Throne of the Four Winds every so often by myself. Even the Cata raid in Blackrock on 25 Heroic. It nothing I have to do, more like going in and just blowing stuff up. I was thinking back to Cata, and all the different groups you had to get exalted with for certain pieces of gear. But you could wear the tabard to get rep doing any dungeon. But I wonder now if that was the start of the downfall. Requiring certain content be run to get specific rewards.


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