We have to step out of our comfort zone. 

I’m as quilty as anyone just sitting in town trying to decide what to do, watching the evening go by. Only to log out because I could not decide what to work on. 

Last night, after spending the evening with family for my sisters birthday I happened to hear an old song from Bow Wow Wow, I want candy. So I rolled up a Paladin named iKandy. And it’s the first female character I have ever made. Equipping all of the BoA gear I have acquired over the years I was quickly blasting through creatures 6 and 7 levels higher than me. In about an hour I had jumped through level 7 and part way to 8. 

I am going to try my best to level her up past the 20’s which is where I usually stop. I am trying to step out of a self imposed ring of comfort. Perhaps 2017 should be a year many try the same. To show Blizzard that it’s not all just about getting to the end. But that the journey is worth investing in. 


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