So could it be a power play?

Yesterday I wrote about Midwinter calling it quits. And something has been nagging me. Blizzard throws a crap load of money at other titles. Even the Arena championships. These are all people that practice and compete, much like the Worlds First crowd. They practice for months on end, are part and parcel of the PTR testing, possibly even advance Tech Alpha discussions. 

So let me throw out a hypothetical. What if the top PvE raiders are looking for a piece of the pie. What if they are making a play at, well, Blizzard doesn’t make it worth our while to do this at the level we play, so why should we give them the entertainment value we offer, for free. 

I don’t honestly know. It’s just a thought I had today driving home. What would happen if the top 100 all just said a big ole Nope, to the race for Worlds First. 


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