If you need me I will be in my blanket fort. 

I use to enjoy reading from Warcraft folks on the Twitters. Last year I made a personal choice and left it all behind. At one point I believe I followed near 2000 people and probably had over 1000 or more that followed me. I still took a look now and then to see what was up, to get blog ideas, to see how some folks I enjoyed reading were doing. But these past few months it looks like it is on a downward spiral, and I don’t think I ever want to look there ever again. It use to be a wonderful place to talk about Warcraft and express opinions on the game. I don’t even want to put a label on what I think it has become. Deciding to walk away, to focus here, where people write complete thoughts and ideas is where I wish to be. The rest of the world can have Twitter. I will be here in my blanket fort. You all are welcome. I have cookies and cake. Oh. And usually a pot of coffee on. 


4 thoughts on “If you need me I will be in my blanket fort. 

  1. I’ve considered the same thing a few times. I have just gotten more liberal with my unfollow button. Previously I found myself feeling obligated to follow someone who followed me, but now I’ll take a look at their profile and see if they are really someone I want to be hearing from each day. If the answer is no, I don’t follow.
    Having said that, it’s a lot easier not seeing it or being part of it. Even when you are careful about who you follow there will be times when it seems like your feed is on fire and everything is awful. I have to step away when it’s like that – don’t need to be brought down by the drama.
    So with that in mind – I’ll bring some tea to the fort! 😀

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      1. Hmm. Wish I was web site savvy and had disposable income. I would make a bloggers haven website. MyWarcraftBlanketFort.com. A place to just talk about WoW


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