Wing 3 LFR tonight

Is it tonight?  I forget if it’s been two weeks or not. I am not ready for this. The last wing was painful to run. Now my biggest fear is we have lost a great deal more of organized raiders to Normal or Higher modes. I wonder if it is a mistake on their part to delay the entire raid in LFR 7 full weeks from the initial release. Oh I am sure many would say what do you have to complain about. You get to see and do it on easy mode. And yet a great deal of people in there considerably out gear it, yet still try to ignore basic mechanics and wipe over and over. 

I do hope they don’t lock a bunch of quests in the 7.2 raids. I barely have it in me any more to do one run of LFR, I most certainly won’t be doing anything higher. 


3 thoughts on “Wing 3 LFR tonight

  1. I haven’t even done wing 2 yet. I did queue for it once, but two wipes on the first boss was enough to prove that no one knew what they were doing and I knew I could find more productive things to do … like fishing.

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    1. Wing 1 was wonderful. Lots of heroic and higher geared raiders that knew the fights, explained things and it was glorious.

      Wing 2? Fewer people that knew what to do, raiders gearing seldom played Alts, people demanding we skip as much of the trash as possible. It was embarrassing to see how some treated others that got just a step too close or were running back. I got it done in two separate runs.

      Wing 3? If they have not made adjustments is going to be painful.

      And in 2 weeks when we finally get to Guldan? 7 weeks after the first organized raid teams have been through? I expect it will be a minimum of 6-7 stacks of determination and several hundred in repairs, food and flasks.


    2. It was not too bad except the last boss where no one had a clue where to go since the map was only showing the boss we just killed as being all that was left.

      One thing for me being ranged and always scrolled out. I hate fighting in confined spaces like stairwells and small rooms. The city may be huge and nice to look at, but it is anything but linear.


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