And the torch is passed

I know there are folks that feel we are heading down the road to ruin. That the loss of those that are at the top will have ramifications. 

I think I’m just going to say. Nope. 

I have played video games since Pong. I had the Atari 2600, Nintendo systems, Play Stations, spent thousands of dollars worth of quarters in arcades. And I will let everyone in on a secret. 

Are you listening?
You sure now?
Games will still be here long after you have gone. 
That’s it. Plain and simple. Yes. Certainly people you may know, or follow, or look up to for their skill, what level they play games too, may be calling it quits. The game will go on. It’s like when we see a person leave Blizzard that has been there for years. At some point everyone reaches that crossroad in their life when they have to decide. Stay or go. Stay and watch missed opportunities pass us by, or go and risk losing everything. 

I am not thrilled with the current state of Warcraft. But for reasons much different than others. But I know from playing and trying out other games over the years, that it is still the best thing out there, that suits me. I can play as much or little as I want. There is no definitive end, yet.  I may lament about being unhappy with my class, but there is always the next tier. It’s happened before, it will happen again. 

What we are seeing is people many have known for a long time leaving. That opens up a void for new people to fill. It’s an endless cycle. WoW will be here as long as they want to produce and maintain it. People come, people go. Broaden your horizons. Don’t sulk over the loss of a few people that probably would not give you the time of day. Make new friends. 


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