Should PvE Talents be like PvP

I decided to do some PvP.  I had seen the Honor Talent tab, saw 5 rows of 3, and figured, it’s just like PvE, choose the one that suits in each row.  What I did not know was you work your way through the entire list gaining talents every 2 levels you rise.  And it occurred to me.  Why not the same for PvE.  Why once we hit max level do we pic our choices based on fights, which many of us don’t do by the way.  Why not once we hit 110 shouldn’t we be able to continue to increase our power and abilities to include all options.  I don’t buy having to balance fights over all of the choices being available, they already have to be balanced around people picking and choosing different things.

Personally I kind of like the idea of being able to improve myself more, there are choices that I would like to possibly have, but that are entirely situational, but you don’t normally sit in town thinking, Oh I am going to be out in the world fighting that random creature, I better swap to this talent choice.  Or if you are in a dungeon or raid, having to hope you have a tome to swap, or hearth back to town to change then get back.  It’s just a thought.


One thought on “Should PvE Talents be like PvP

  1. Like pve though you only get one pvp talent per row. It just takes a lot longer to open up all the choices so you can choice different talents on each line. Rather than getting a full row per level to choose from like pve you have to wait until you’ve opened the other talents on that row.

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