You must choose

It starts from the first moment we install World of Warcraft. You choose a server, a faction, a race, a class, a gender, a spec. And then for a time we do our questing and leveling, we may meet people doing the same, we may join a guild and make friends.  But somewhere along the road, through years of choices, where we have always been the ones going along and others have been left along the side of the road, that there comes a time where we are the ones left. And it hits hard. All of the guilt of leaving friends behind, no longer being interested in the same aspects of the game as them, reluctantly asking them to step aside because they are having trouble, one day, the friend left behind becomes us. 

And I see it. I really do. The groups within groups, those with more time to play debating about which of their 6 Legendaries they should use to run a few +16 Mythics, those that want more than Heroic raids, those that are afraid to ask for help because they are having trouble. And like me, those that feel they would be a burden, so just stay quiet and do their own thing alone. 

I took the 20 World quest thing. I knocked out 7 all alone last night. I could have done them all. But it was not fun alone. I asked if anyone was doing the quest. Most did not reply. One said they did on Tuesday. And it was clear to me. I was the friend that was left by the road side. I see the officer chat comments about needing DPS over 300k. I look at how I do in groups in LFR, and know I am below their minimum. I don’t want to be the person asking to tag along. So I sit quietly in guild, do a few things and log out without a word. 

And I think that may be a big issue. It’s not inclusiveness in doing content for people. It’s being able to be included. If Heroic dungeons were the top, people would be doing them on Alts and there might be more people doing less content. I feel that offering more is fragmenting people into smaller isolated groups. 

I don’t think people are asking for a trophy. They want to be able to play with friends. I think actually less content is more. Sure people will sub and unsub. But maybe more may feel happier during their time in Azeroth. 


2 thoughts on “You must choose

  1. You bring up some important stuff. For one, I really feel that for all that they did for Legion, they really dropped the ball in supporting guilds.
    Often I think the weakness in our guild is that we don’t use the guild chat line nearly enough. It is the oil in the machinery. Too often I get a whisper about something in the game that could benefit everyone (say, the location in Feralas for the holiday) or we players camped in Discord — not that it is bad, really, it is merely not encouraging the guild. For players to get to know each other.
    My guild has 250 accounts, which may or may not be a lot but I know that only a few will use the guild chat line. Expressing your journey in the guild chat makes the world go ’round!

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