Is the WoW token price jump artificially created

I was considering. For the longest time it hovered around 40,000 to 50,000. Up some, down some. But in a fairly tight range. People could play a certain amount of time and pay for their subscription. But recently it spiked to around 90,000. Some said because services could now be bought with gold was the cause. But I wonder if the spike was actually set by Blizzard. 

Originally the price fluctuated by how much people wanted to buy gold for cash and the demand for paying for game time. Now I see people that had depended on being able to pay by earning gold considering, and taking breaks, because they cannot earn enough gold without spending an unhealthy amount of time doing so. Certainly there are the auction house barons that can do so, but for many, even 50,000 gold was a considerable amount to make. I hope my thought is untrue, because that means they could arbitrarily set an average price point based on what they feel can be earned doing a certain amount of content. 

The downside is those that remained subscribed only because they could effectively play for free with some work, may just walk away and not come back. 


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