And the song remains the same


Taken from this near 10 year old Games Spot discussion; here


Actually Blizz did a great job with TBC, they showed that they have really improved their questing. Actually I think expansions in general killed WoW. Now all they do is focus on endgame and they’ve left everything below level 58 to stagnate. The game just isn’t fun anymore, and its not worth grinding your way through days of old content just to enjoy the newer stuff. I’m sure the hardcore players loved it, but not casual players like myself who just can’t spend hours a day for several months killing mobs just to keep up with the level caps. They need to go back and redo some of the lower level areas and add more varied places to level. I mean, they admitted it themselves when they were making Elwynn Forest they could only do 3 types of quests: Kill X Monsters, Collect X Items, and Bring Item X to Character Y. They need to go back and add stuff like Murloc invasions or at least something scripted. And maybe some more graphical detail aswell.

Basically my point is they aren’t going to attract any new customers when they are forcing them to play through content that is several years old just to get to something new. It wasn’t the expansion itself that killed WoW, I personally think it was Wrath that killed it, even though its not out yet, at least TBC offered new races and starting areas. All Wrath adds is a new class for the people who have already played the game for years or have absolutely no life.


TBC made WoW far less enjoyable for a large number of people. I will agree whole heartedly that I had WAY more fun raiding at level 60 than I did at 70. The reason – raiding was far more casual friendly before the expansion. The best way I heard it put was that half a raid of semi-hardacore players could usually carry the other half (as long as they were moderately skilled) through most raids up to and including BWL. You could run through MC, ZG, and BWL in a single night in about 3-4 hours.

Now they made raiding so stupidly complex that unless you have an entire raid of experts who do nothing but devote their entire attention to the game for 4+ hours at a time several times a week you aren’t going to get anywhere (being in a TBC era raiding guild I have experienced this repeatedly). Watching good friends who had real lives and used to get on on Wednesday and Saturday night to blow through ZG + Ony and MC or BWL start dropping like flys (including two of my best RL friends in the last month) really killed my enjoyment. The raids in TBC just seem to make normal people angry and bitter since it is such a chore and huge time investment to get anything down, whereas in pre-expansion raiding people used to have fun.

I just canceled my account, I wont be coming back hopefully. Ever since WoTK was announced people are getting stressed out and crazy since most of them think TBC was not what they had expectected or wanted in an expansion. TBC killed the enjoyment of the game for casual players and I don’t think Blizzard can do anything to fix it at this point.

It is always fascinating to me to read things from years ago and see the complaints are so very similar to what we see today.






2 thoughts on “And the song remains the same

  1. I’m pretty happy that the current game has evolved over so many years to reduce the grind needed to play. Your pre-raid schedule was spent farming and farming and farming! Today we spend much more time with people doing stuff, which must be better.

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