Where’s the Revolution


It seems so long ago that I finished off the Suramar city quest chain leading up to going into Nighthold to kill Guldan.  Tonight I will in LFR.  But it feels off.  Like I got to a point and that was it.  I have been trying to figure out what makes this expansion different.  And I think maybe it was too much use of phasing and staggering the entire tale into the tiers.  I tend to think back to Wrath, because that was where I got my start.  The Lich King was always lurking about, he was in many dungeons, his presence was always there.  In Cata we had Deathwing, flying about the world burning every thing.  Uldum seemed out of place to me, but it tied in somewhat.  Pandaria we still had a central villain in Garrosh.  But in Draenor, Guldan did not seem like a villain but more of a politician, manipulating events.  I think it works when we have a defined bad guy that we see throughout the entire expansion, someone that we fight and beat in the end.

Legion has us fighting a revolution.  And the thing about revolutions is you need to feel a part of it.  Right now I feel like Khadgar’s muscle.  I am not vested in helping to kick out the ruling class in Suramar to help those they deemed week mana junkies.  In Wrath, we were defending Azeroth from the Lich King, in Cata, Deathwing attacking Azeroth, Pandaria, Azeroth was at war with itself, Draenor?

Beat Garrosh in final fight of Siege, he gets hauled away in chains, something something, we go to an alternate world to fight him again, but Thrall takes care of it for us, something something, oh Guldan is the bad guy, ok we beat….oh come on, he got away?  We still need to fight him again?  This is taking the story arc of 3 expansions to complete.  7.2 better be good and compelling and getting me all riled up to charge in and get involved.  Because right now?  I spend the evening hanging out in town, not really doing much of anything, except watching people slowly leave the game.

Oh. And where is Illidan in all of this?  I gave up working at setting him loose for a reward that was out of date before even an average casual player such as myself could have completed the quest chain. Putting stuff behind running a normal raid?  You are grasping at straws. Unless

All of this is to weed out and toss aside all of those not willing to commit the time and energy to play at the level you want to design, so you can make Warcraft competitive and viable for eSports. 


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