Stepping away from gaming talk to good books. 

I am currently reading this. It covers the civil rights movement, and the radical underground from the mid to late 60’s into the early 70’s. 

I grew up sort of in this time. I was 7 when we hit 1970, so a great deal of this meant nothing to me when I wanted to be outside playing with friends, or my 1st grade homework assignments. 2 years prior I had major surgery that I realized years later was beyond serious. So things happening in New York City or across the country were not exactly the talk at the dinner table. 

Reading through this all from 45-50 years ago, I find it amazing how glossed over the real facts, about The Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, many radical white revolutionary groups is. People look back at Malcom X, and Martin Luther King. But do not remember that Dr King was being shouted down and calls were for more violence. To white groups bombing buildings almost daily. The protest marches we see today, the level of violence we see splashed across the news pale in comparison to what life looked like back then. 

I guess just like any “fake news” we should all take time to research for the truth, we should also take time to research the truth about those we may champion 50 years later. 


7 thoughts on “Stepping away from gaming talk to good books. 

    1. I have made a commitment to myself with this past election to actually read what is being said, to research topics that seem controversial, and to try my best to have an informed opinion. But also to respect the opinions of others, even when they have no interest in hearing mine.

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    1. I had

      Pretty much my heart and other major organs that are normally in your chest area was pushed down. They broke apart my sternum, lifted everything up and wired it all back together. The doctors told my parents that I would probably have health issues all my life, and that I would probably be winded just walking, would never play sports. They never told me. They let me be a kid, in high school I ran cross country and Winter/Spring track. That was almost 50 years ago.

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