Game design is like predicting the weather

Sitting here cold and wet from the mahoosive snow storm that wasn’t. Yesterday evening, less than 12 hours from the 10-12, potential 18-21 inches of snowmagheddon, Blizzard Nor Easter we were supposed to get, and I gaze out at 2-3 inches of slush and rain. And yet, a mere 5 miles west in Philadelphia, they have 6 or more inches and mostly snow. The storm tracked just a few miles closer to the coast. 

And perhaps it is irony that I am talking about a Blizzard. And I wonder if game design is like predicting the weather. You have all the right indicators, it all looks like everything will come together perfectly into a big event. And sometimes things just fizzle. So many expected absolutely great things, and maybe coming off of Draenor, hopes were placed to high. I think it’s a good expansion. A lot of good things were done. But, at least for me, the mark was missed, the design tracked a few miles west and it’s just pretty good for me. Not a game of the century.  

Now I am heading back out to shovel some slush, and spread a little salt outside, instead of here. 


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