No light, no light

I miss running Ulduar. No I don’t mean when it was brand new current content, but when we would take a break from running ICC. It had the levels of difficulty built into in. There was no making a decision at the start to do it on the hardest difficulty. The options where there when you attempted the fight. Skipping towers on Flame Leviathon, attacking KT at certain points. And if it proved to hard, when you came back in, you did it the normal way. It allowed you to not waste a great deal of time with resets, or lock outs. The place was huge, but it did not feel imposing. There was a fairly straight forward path. Any side boss was not found by running a complex maze of stairs, rooms, courtyards, and hallways. 

Suramar city to me seems like they were trying to tap into that feeling again. But it is more like The Sunwell on steroids to me. And the order of the bosses? Well in LFR at least, if you get seperated, or if you are turned around, you may as well drop group, because you will either be kicked because you’re lost, will make a wrong turn and spend the next 10 minutes corpse running to get your body back and away from wandering mobs, or if you are lucky enough to find your way back, may be bringing skipped mobs with you. 

There has been so much designed in this expansion around Class fantasy, the class halls, the raids, the zones, the dungeons. It is beyond overwhelming. And I think part of “my” problem. Is that I allowed the game to push me along. I felt the pressure to keep up, to get in to do things, all of the quests for the story, all of the quests for professions, to unlock new dungeons, ones pushing you to do Mythic dungeons, Normal or higher Raids, I let it try to coax me into doing something I was not prepared for or comfortable doing. And it turned me away. They should have capped Artifact Power at 34. Allowing it to be pushed further just pushed people to cap at 54. And if you raid, that 10% is to much to just ignore. And woe to you if you played multiple specs. 

No. I think they were on to a good design when they had Ulduar. You could do 3 lights

For the final fight, or even

One light. Or like the song says,
No lights, no lights. The toughest way to do the fight  Hopefully the next expansion, they will look back at some things that worked, what didn’t. And maybe the next one will be just a little better. 


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