Oh Twitter, what are we going to do with you. 

In some capacity, I guess I am back yet again. It occurred to me that there is quite a bit on the Warcraft side, that there is no getting around it. To interact with the @Blizzard_CS account primarily. I will not go so far as to get involved with Twitch or Reddit, but I was thinking about what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. And the only way the written word survives, is if it is seen. I tried to get back my old account name but someone grabbed it. Then considered, I was Marathal_2_0, do I create 3.0?  2.5? 7.2?  In the end I am reclaiming myself. 


I don’t know how much I may actually tweet, or interact, but it will be there to get blog posts out, to listen to ideas people may have that I can write about. To Fav Star, yes I know it’s changed, the tweets that I may see. So if you would like to follow as I rediscover interacting with people, and try to break down the 140 character wall, I’m there. 


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