The For Azeroth Event Re-Activated

So I see they have reactivated the For Azeroth event for Heroes of the Storm. Any previous progress will still be there. And my first thought is,

Well that must not have been as successful as planned. 

I think all told I have seen one, maybe two people in game with the mount. The downside to any kind of cross promotion is when no one is really interested. I did the whole Hearthsteed thing. I think I used the mount once or twice. The effort to get it was not enjoyable at all. The restrictions on the Heroes of the Storm event?  Participate in 15 matches with a friend?  I could with my wife I suppose. But neither of us have a clue how to play it, and really have no desire to get defeated 15 times because of people that are more proficient at playing the game. And honestly?  Why install a game to play for a short time, if your only going to uninstall it right after. I have no desire to play it. I left those types of games behind years ago. And they were not fun to play then either to me. 

Putting the event back up so soon after the first seems to me like they are not happy with the response and involvement from WoW players. That’s my opinion at least. So I will share with you, those marketing people at Blizzard, not that you will read this, I have no interest in any other titles. The free Diablo and guaranteed access to beta years ago, only to sit and wait for my chance to get in, then finally in the last 2 weeks being a part of the last wave. The Hearthstone promotion. You can keep it. I do not have the time needed to play Warcraft. Trying to get my interest in other games to boost your total time played figures for the shareholders?  You will just have to be happy with the limited amount of time I play WoW. 


4 thoughts on “The For Azeroth Event Re-Activated

  1. What I did was: have one friend. Set it so it was vs. AI Easy. Then either made my team mates other players or set them to AI too.
    Each match is about 15 minutes and vs AI Easy, you just stronger and stronger until you have to win.
    Make sure it is a WoW character!

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  2. I’m not a huge fan of cross promotion but if I can get a mount for WoW, I’ll bite (if the game I need to play is free, of course). It was my first time playing HotS and I didn’t enjoy it too much but I survived. 5 players vs Easy AI is not bad, I had games which took less then 10 minutes so it didn’t take long. In the end, it was worth it for me but if I had less time to paly games, I wouldn’t have bothered.

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