Tell, it like it is

9ish months ago I left Twitter.  It was a lot of things.  I needed to get away from it.  I have thought about coming back many times, have gone as far as thinking up a name, considered making an unknown account, have debated reinventing myself.  But I am just me.  I do my best to be just who I am.  I have opinions, they are not shared by many.  I have considered, do I just start clicking follows, do I choose selectively, do I try to reclaim the person I was.  But I am not the same person.No one ever is the same year after year, things in our lives change us, change our perceptions, people we may have had a great deal in common with, people we may have had very little in common with, times change people change.

So for now at least, I am back here.  I am slowly adding back people, I had added the staff at Blizzard Watch, but then immediately started seeing political retweets, and that is not what I am here for.  I am not here to discuss politics, I am here because of Warcraft, and I will do my best to not stray out of that subject matter as best I can.  I will say a lot of things that may make you think, I may say some things that will make you laugh, and I will give hugs to you when life has you down.  I will be an ear for you, will listen to what you say, and more importantly write, I accept that your opinion may differ from mine, and that your opinion has value, but I hope you will impart the same courtesy.  If I comment it is because I feel I have something relevant to say or add.  But if you refuse to acknowledge, even as little as a like, then eventually I will move on.  I will retweet you if I agree, will read what you say, and comment, even if I disagree.

I am hear, trying to be an adult in a arena of adults that just want to be kids again.  I have missed interacting with a lot of you, have tried my best to keep up with blogs and web sites where you express your thoughts, some have found me, and actually read what I write.  I am here, you are too, maybe together we can express our thoughts and ideas, tell it like it is, and behave like adults, and maybe, just maybe, make the world we exist in a slightly better place.


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