Rule #1. We don’t talk about Raid club

Rule #2.  We don’t talk about raid club.

Well I am throwing the rule book out, because I am a little ticked off this morning.


The guild is currently 9/10 Heroic Nighthold.  They have been progressing really well this entire expansion.  Certainly there are a few people that wish the guild was pushing into Mythic raids, doing Mythic +15+++, raiding more than 2 times a week.  We have always been a casual guild.  Have never made any claims to wanting to be #1 on the server, or to push for downing content at what ever cost.  I have not raided this expansion.  I do not have a grasp of my class, I do not perform to the level I feel I should, and with scaling as it is, I will not go along to make a fight more difficult just so I can get a purple piece of gear that might be a little better than what I have gotten doing other things.

I have heard some of the grumbling, have heard about some people demanding members of the raid team be sat out for fights so that the better players can get credit for the kill.  I have not been thrilled with hearing these comments, but I do not run the raid team, and I understand it is a fine balance to maintain between being inclusive, and progression.  So it was a bit of a shock to log in last night to two people leaving the guild without a word, to look at the log to see that 8 people left in the past 24 hours, and that they were most of the top level players on the raid team.  These are the people that have been in the guild for less than 2-3 months, are online all day, they pug Heroic and Mythic Nighthold, have most of Emerald Nightmare Mythic done, are the people in 890-900 gear.  They need nothing from Heroic content.  And they were the ones calling for people to be benched for not having the same level of commitment that they do.  They probably were very helpful in getting the guild to 9/10, but now I see what that cost was.

Now we have lost near half the raid team.  And all of those people that were passed over, were asked to sit out have to be wondering,

“Oh, am I good enough now to be asked to go?”

We have a lot of people that are Mom’s, Dad’s, have jobs, go to school, have families, kids, WoW is something they do for fun, and to be a kid playing video games for a time, the game does not define their life, it is a part of their lives.  I cannot fault the people who left.  Over the years I have seen the same thing happen time and time again.  It is far easier to jump ship and go to another guild, to another server, than it is to try to work through a tough spot.  If the guild had completely given up, and said LFR is all we do, then I could grasp their decision.  But to hear they had Guldan Heroic down to 10% on a first full night working on him, to these 8 people just walking away, to leave the other 7-10 people on the team high and dry?  Yeah, I am a bit angry.  I understand, but I can be angry about it.


3 thoughts on “Rule #1. We don’t talk about Raid club

  1. The sad news is that those high-rollers who left will always be unsatisfied with life and rage against the world: because they are not seeing the real rewards of playing with a team. Your Moms and Pops in your guild get it — this week is “four mythic dungeons” as the weekly, organize that and give them some purpose (any purpose) and they’ll be happy as they are playing as a team.
    Team play in an MMO is what it is all about whether it is downing a hard boss, re-visiting old content for achievements or tackling something new and even carrying a new comrade through “easy” content. Guild chat is the glue.
    I’d be pissed if the hot-shots left my guild as, I would have felt, that they made promises when starting with us; to raid in our guild. If they left at a new expansion or even at the end of killing H Gul’dan with a lull until the new raid: I could kind of see it. That they collectively lifted their noses as if there were a foul smell in the air: they should know that it was them!

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  2. You know, from my blog, that I had exactly this dilemma but from the other side. I’m the one that walked away from my raid team rather than staying and being happy with pushing content lower than what I wanted.
    I did it for 2 reasons. 1 – the more selfish reason.. I wanted to see content that the team I was with, in the current incarnation, wasn’t able to do. We had people that didn’t want to do mythic or more than a few hours a week and that wasn’t what I wanted. and 2. the slightly less selfish reason – to make the team be able to raid at the level I wanted would have meant some people being passed over, or suddenly not being members of the raid team they had been for a long while and a forced change of raid team identity.

    It sucks that you lost so many people but it will help in the long run to keep the guild/raid team identity consistent. The people that stayed are the ones that are happy with what you are doing and that will keep drama and conflict down. It could work out to be a better thing in the long run as it happened early before conflict could set in and eat away your people more. And with 7.2 around the corner it’s a great chance to find people coming back to the game that want a home 🙂

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    1. The damage continued. Two more left yesterday. The funny thing is, these are all people that have only been in the guild less than 2 months. As I understand it, they are all online during the day pugging Mythic+ and Nighthold. Only one person went to another guild. The rest just want to do their own thing. The worst part is no one said anything. They just left without a word.

      Well it’s happened before. I’m sure it will happen again. I’m glad you are having the chance to do the content you want, and grats on the Mythic Krous. 😊


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