Take a chance

Chose this because Kittens and Puppies make even RNG less frustrating to talk about.

Rng is supposed to be fun, supposed to be much better than endlessly farming content and at some point getting a piece of loot you have your eyes set on.  I have been doing Nightspire for a few weeks now.  There are two possible drops for tier that I need to complete a 4pc set with 860 gear, replacing 860 gear.  The advantage is the minor tier piece bonus.  I think I generate 1 resource per tick of damage from DoTs.  Not really sure, but I guess it must be a big thing, because it’s a Tier set.

Last night was week 4, I have used a bonus roll on the first and last fight, Krous I just take what ever he drops.  20 chances at loot, and all I have seen are 2 non tier pieces.  I have seen people offer up one of the pieces I already have on many occasions.  FOr some reason I guess they feel that if you do something long enough, and finally get it, that you will be all happy, and encouraged to take on more challenges, to take the fight to the next level.  When I finally do get that one piece I need, I am walking away from the Nighthold.

Aside from that, I am, like so many other people, just waiting for 7.2 to drop, and hopefully somehting new, some new way to do things, some reason to run dungeons, maybe even an improvement on what gear I have that raises my haste to a level where I might be able to do a little more than LFR, or a basic Mythic dungeon and not feel like I am being carried through.


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