@Muffinus and questing

This morning I tweeted to @Muffinus

He was asking about World Quests that you like, what would you like to see more of.

Being a guild leader is not a simple job.  Some may think, how hard can it be?  You get 5 signatures, some of us remember when it was 10, you think up a name, and just invite people.  Simple, easy peasy lemon squeezey.  Mmm Hmm.  That has some truth to it when you first create your guild.  You have no idea what can possibly come up, the whispers from others in game because someone in the guild is being a jerk in trade chat, messages from people from other realms because one of your people was behaving poorly in a dungeon run, the in guild issues where some have no qualms about dropping the F bomb when you run a guild with people from age 12 to 70, the whispers because people feel they are not being included, people that want to be a part of the raid team but are not chosen, people that need help with something but they are afraid to ask in guild chat.  Can you get something out of the bank for them, can you load them some money for flying.  I could probably write a small book on things that have happened to me over the years that I have run the guild I took over.  If I had to put a description to it, it is like being a parent to 975 kids of all different ages and temperaments, and trying to not play favorites with any.

One of the toughest things about being the GL, I prefer Guild Leader over Master, is that you feel you need to help everyone, when there is a request for people to do a dungeon and you see no one chime in, that you should offer to go, even though you may be working on something yourself, that you should know the answers to everything, how to get to old dungeons or raids, where to farm for certain materials, whats the best stat for a certain spec, how do you play.  And the reality is that unless you consider being a guild leader as a full time job, it can become overwhelming at times.  When you work hard to make sure the funds are there to cover guild repairs, when you take money out to buy up flasks or mats for raid materials, when you zip back to town to make an enchant for someone.  It can be a full time job allowing you practically no time to play for yourself.

So I thought, why couldn’t there be some kind of guild leader quest.  Something that would not take a great deal of time to complete, but would offer some kind of guild wide reward.  Perhaps something as small as an extra 5% rep for completing world quests for a day that you could do once a week, or maybe a guild buff, 5% of gold earned from quests, dungeons, and raids for a day going to the guild bank.  A 5% discount on repairs for members of the guild.  There use to be great perks for being a part of a guild, I understand that it gave larger guilds an advantage over smaller, but they have been stripped down so far as to be relatively inconsequential.  Being a part of a guild should have some value, being the leader of a successful guild, while rewarding in the honor you feel when they complete things as a group, loses some appeal when you see more and more design being directed at doing things all alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I have at times just wanted to go off and destroy some things by myself, but I do wish that I could make a dozen copies of myself so that I could jump in to help all those that need it.  The game has reached a level of complexity that I have trouble just figuring out what I have to do for me, and I have lost the time to research and know all of what is coming, to be able to answer questions.  I never want to be that person that just says go to WoWHead, or Google it.

So perhaps @Muffinus, you could think of some kind of minor thing that we as Guild Leaders could do to let our people know, we do care about you, you are not just a member.



One thought on “@Muffinus and questing

  1. I like it.
    Guild Leaders should have some cool stuff too. I thought about 24 hour titles bestowed on someone like “Hero” or from a list of tongue in cheek humor for players who are having fun or leading in the guild. Our guilds need some love and have been neglected in Legion, totally.

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