#494 Twas the night before patch day

And all through the office, it was quiet.  There were no sounds of WoW being played through headphones, no tv on in the back ground to keep the cats occupied, I had even closed the browsers to read up on what is to come tomorrow.  It is all too overwhelming.  I get it, they feel they dropped the ball with Draenor, they are trying to give us everything, the kitchen sink, and a full gourmet kitchen to boot.  And they may have just gone a step to far for me.

Right now I am logged out in my Draenor Garrison, where I can sit alone in peace and relative quiet.  I never thought I would find myself retreating to here, the place that was the focus of so much of our ire.  Here I sit, thinking on whether I even want to log in tomorrow, because I know exactly what it will bring.  The overwhelming feeling that there is so much to be done, and I have to focus on catching up to keep up with everyone. People will be wanting to run new versions of Mythic + Dungeons, the new split Kara dungeons, getting through the Broken Shore, and when I do log in, it will be several hours after the majority of people have been through it all.

I saw a comment that class adjustments may be coming in 7.2.5, that is a long ways off.  The minor nerf to me just means I have no hope that I will ever do more than sit on the sidelines this expansion, getting in my one or two LFR runs, the one piece of crafted Artifact gear I can make, takes the place of the Artifact Shoulders I have now, the Class Hall gear sets are going to be better than what I have worked all of this expansion to get, with the exception of a couple of pieces I guess.  But the amount of resources to get them to that level is so far out of reach at this point, I am starting to wonder,


The expansion will end with or without me, there will be a period of time where all gear is replaced as we head to the next expansion, like it has for all of the previous, they will add in catch up mechanics to make sure everyone is as ready to go as possible, and we will do it all over again, with an entirely new set of rules to go by.

Yeah, I am in a bad place right now and I don’t mean to bring others down.  It is just my realization that perhaps over 40 years of gaming is enough.  I don’t know.  Maybe tomorrow will be exciting and I will climb out of this hole.  Time will tell if this blog ever see’s post #500, I hope it does, I hope I am around talking about WOW for post #1000 or more.

Thank you for listening to an old man.  Have a good night



3 thoughts on “#494 Twas the night before patch day

  1. I think, sometimes, of gaming like I think about taking a class in school. I can sit at my desk and be led by the teacher and follow directions and hope I get the teacher’s result: or, I can take from the class what I need to get out of it. I can insist that I understand the areas that interest me and make the class my own possession for my own needs.

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    1. It is just very difficult to step away from participating in all of the current content, when you find it difficult to grasp and even care about doing.

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  2. I thought of the best way to describe WoW’s gameplay, for me, when compared to my experience playing ESO: in WoW, I’m playing Blizzard’s game whereas I play my game in ESO.

    I’m sorry you have arrived at this point in your WoW experience. It can be hard, but freeing at the same time.

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