@watcherdev on scaling mobs

Obviously this will not fit into 140. I am not writing this to be critical of the design intent. I agree. Something needs to be addressed. You are in an extremely difficult position as far as design for world content. You have people that just want to be alone, those that may have a questing buddy, and the toughest, 5 player groups that team up and can make even more difficult rare creatures laughable. To compound the matter, factoring in Class Hall Champions, Hunters with pets, and Warlocks, you are faced with trying to design a mob to handle 1 person to a group of 10 or more. I have seen it before, groups running the circuit on Timeless Isle, racing from one rare spawn to the next, everyone trying to get their faction tag. And it becomes frustrating to the solo or duo, because they can barely get a tag on one before a pack of orher faction players come swooping in to grab an entire area. As quickly as you can develop a solution, players will come up with ways around it in less time. I honestly have no clue what could be a fair solution. Even dividing the total amount of shards by how many in group is flawed. I do certainly hope that you are able to figure something out. Please keep in mind. At some point people will leave the island and go back to the other zones to work at the possible faction mounts, and will no longer have any need for anything from there. At that point those few left will be faced with a much more difficult time. 


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