Is the enormity of changes we see because of social media or because of social media 

Let me splain, no, takes to long, let me summarize. 

We went out last night and had drinks with friends. One plays WoW, but has no interest in Social media, or forums. He reads what people may say in guild chat during the morning and day hours when not many people are on. He will read guides on playing his class, but not the comment section. So much stuff he thought he knew had changed. From the scaling, to the talk of hidden clues about a mount, and of course Darkmoon faire, 

And I wonder, has Social media become such an integral part of the game, that you have to have it, much like DBM?  Is it the primary means of getting the word out about changes, or issues?  Did you ever do the rumor test in school?  Where you are all in a ring around the room, someone starts with a statement whispered, and it’s passed around the room person to person, by the time it’s to the other side, it has a whole new meaning.

What occurs to me also is how much additional stuff gets added to the game because of the near instant communications we now have. There was a posting about scaling mob health in the PTR forums that someone had picked up in the regular general forums and shared. There were a few negative comments but it must have quickly slid to page two. But once live and the complaint hitting social media, it ereupted. When one Blizzard employee tweets a clue to a riddle, suddenly hundreds are speculating on where there are clues. I saw in passing something about books and pebbles in Dalaran. Are they creating content to keep the Social media beast sated. Years and years ago we had to go research and look for things. Now there is a steady stream of information. And when it slows, people start jumping to conclusions and complaining. 

Instant communications is as much an addiction as any game or drug or habit. We live in our cell phones, tied into the now. We are so focused on things being put out in our face, that we are forgetting to go look for ourselves. I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true. 


4 thoughts on “Is the enormity of changes we see because of social media or because of social media 

  1. I have often wondered what percentage of the player base comprises the proverbial squeaky wheel. I used to spend time on the forums and read patch notes. Now, I primarily learn of changes in the game through the launcher or the few blog posts and Twitter accounts I follow. I don’t even refer to class guides anymore, but I do use Wowhead when I really want to know about something. Ignorance is bliss!

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  2. I’m curious – your friend who has no interest in social media and didn’t know about some things in WoW – did he feel like he was missing out on any part of the game? Or was he happy just playing it how he wanted to?

    I agree with Mama Druid – ignorance really is bliss. And sometimes I wish we didn’t know a darn thing about what was in the game unless we discovered it ourselves, because I think that would be a wonderful experience. Part of me wonders if that’s what people are chasing when they say they want Vanilla WoW back.

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    1. He was mostly surprised. He had avoided going to the island because he thought it would be too much for him. He had envisioned it all as a Draenor bonus zone with hard hitting mobs. And didn’t think going alone would be safe to do.


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