Mage Tower Part Duex

Yes, I know, beating a dead horse.

Lets look at the requirements, and what you “Really” need

WoWheads guide

Attempting the Artifact Challenge

Before you attempt the Artifact Challenge, you need the following requirements:

  • Be level 110
  • Have 35 Artifact Traits
  • Complete the new Empowered Trait questline in 7.2 to access the new traits.

To attempt the challenge, your region must have constructed the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore. This building will be up for 3 days at a time.

Speak to War Councilor Victoria once the Mage Tower is constructed to attempt the challenge. The first time you access the encounter, it will be free – but if you fail, all future attempts will cost 100 Nethershards.

This Challenge is designed to be difficult. It will demonstrate your skill as a player. While better gear and more traits will make the challenge easier, there is still an element of skill.

And I would like to call bull shite on this.

For me, it was this scenario Thwarting the Twins.  A challenge shared by Shadow Priest, Affliction Warlock, Marksmanship Hunter, Balance Druid, Frost Mage.

Talk about your gauntlet of classes to balance an encounter around.  All have different abilities and strengths, and a lot of weaknesses.

So right off, I have a touch over 3 million health fully buffed.

Phase 1 – Karam Magespear
Karam must be kited and slowed due to the abilities Rising Dragon and Unrelenting:
Rising Dragon: Karam twirls his sword the air, inflicting 3,000,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 10 yards and knocking them back.
Unrelenting: Movement size and damage dealt buff, which stacks over the course of the fight. Reset when Karam goes to sleep.
As you kite Karam around, he will summon shadowy pools on the ground that you must not stand in.

So I can see why I did not even make it beyond 1 attack on phase 1.


Phase 2 – Raest Magespear
Shadow Bolt: Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. This deal little damage but spawn Shadowy Vestige and Shadowy Fiend which must be AoEd down.

Well since they felt the need to gut a Shadowpriests AoE, to where I need to DoT up multiple targets before I can even AoE, this is problematic.


Phase 3 – Karam Magespear
Karam Magespear has his abilities from phase 1, with the addition of the Hand from Beyond mechanic.

Hand from Beyond is summoned by Karam Magespear and has 5 million HP. They cast Grasp from Beyond for four million HP which must be interrupted, and also hit very hard.

So now not only do I need to take a 3 million health hit, but also a 4 million, if I am lucky enough to live through the first, and interrupt the second. I can advance to the phase 4.

Phase 4 – Raest Magespear
Same abilities as Phase 2, as well as Rune of Summoning.

Rune of Summoning: Places a purple rune on the ground, that shrinks when the player stands in it and soaks it. If the Rune is not handled, it will summon a Thing of Nightmare with 110 million HP.

And last

Phase 5 – Raest Magespear and Karam Magespear
Karam Magespear wakes up, adding his abilities from Phase 1 and 3 to the mix. The encounter ends when Raest Magespear is defeated.

All for this


I think they dropped the ball on this encounter.  From reading the forums, having iLvL 900+ is a must, taking specific talent choices is a must, having at least one specific legendary piece of gear is a must.  Anything less and unless you are an elite player that runs Mythic +20 dungeons in green quest gear, just save yourself the aggravation.

This would have been an excellent use of gear scaling tech.  Certainly you could make it difficult, but at least it may have bee survivable enough to encourage trying.  As it is right now?  I wont even bother.

And the fact that the quest is orange, after having come off doing the continuation of the Artifact weapon questline a few days prior? Yeah, bad form Blizz, locking story behind a near impossible solo encounter.



3 thoughts on “Mage Tower Part Duex

  1. I guess I’d need to think of it as a different video game. One where you practice it over and over and over until you have a chain of clicks embedded in your muscle memory. The kind of game where you get progressively better and better because you know way in advance what is coming. Kind of like those controller games where players say something like, “X, down arrow, A BBBB C, X, Up Up Up,, C BBBB A,” for just a moment in the fight.

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    1. It reminded me of the old Arcade game Space Ace. You just kept dumping quarters in until you got the pattern down. It didn’t teach you how to play the game, just how to memorize a pattern.


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