Everything does not have to be a cause. 

I see every day. Something happens in the news. It spreads like wildfire throughout social media. Everyone and their grandmother armed with a smartphone set to record to get it all on tape. We all saw it yesterday with the incident on the plane. And damn if I am not ashamed of everyone that a man who refused to get off the plane got more news coverage than the shooting at an elementary school where a man that people at the school knew, showed up, went to a class, shot the teacher in an apparent murder suicide, and two children were shot also. 

Last year 464,000 people were asked to voluntarily give up their seats on flights. It happens every day. It is nothing new, it is not some conspiracy of the airlines. Here is an interesting statistic. In 2014 there were over 102,465 flights a day, that 464,000 number?  That’s 1,271 people a day. Or in small numbers. 1 person in every 81 flights is asked to voluntarily step off. It is horrible what happened. Just looking at 2 minutes of video, we have all rushed to the conclusion that this man was brutally assaulted. We do not see the time prior where the flight attendants asked him to leave. We do not see where first one officer comes on the plane and asks him to leave, that his wife had already gotten up to go, that he refused and said he was calling his lawyer, that a second officer came on and again asked him to leave, or they would remove him by force if they had to. No. We see only the point where the situation had escalated to what we saw. Now. On top of that, last night video surfaced of him running back onto the plane. And crying, I want to go home, I want to go home. Miraculously, that same video now has him saying, just kill me, just kill me. Every news agency in the country is focused on this now. Today I saw where now they are digging up his past. His drug use, his loss of his medical license, the homosexual affair, the behavior issues. Now because we all cannot get enough of the world being shit, they are going to dredge up every scandalous thing that has every happened in this mans life, his children and grand children are going to see this all over the news, Facebook and Twitter. 

Everyone is so focused on what happened. No one dares point a finger at all of the other people on the plane that could have said, that’s ok, I will volunteer to get off, let him keep his seat. No. They all had their phones out ready to record. All gasped that this was happening. It was a lousy situation. And we all are just making it worse. We are all so wrapped up in our own self righteous indignation over the most trivial things. The anger at Trump for precision bombing an airport in Syria. Funny. I only saw a less than 5 minute segment of the father that carried his twins to be buried that had died in the gas attack. Plenty about Trump. 

I am ashamed to be a part of social media. I am making a commitment to myself to not comment or retweet, or further news stories that flash across my feed. Certainly, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I am, you are, we all are. But we don’t have to state an opinion in a grand flourish for every single event that happens in the world. The world is in a bad state. And trying to blow up every occurrence into a national catastrophe that needs to be a cause is just making it worse. So shame on the airlines for not handling the situation better. Shame on the officer that used what appears to be excessive force. Shame on those other passengers that refused to volunteer when the situation was getting out of control. Shame on everyone sharing and tweeting memes about it. I blame myself too for initially spreading the story. None of us are innocent. We all should start trying to be better. Before we retweet or share, maybe wait until more information comes out. Maybe not say anything at all. Take care of your family, help your friends, help your neighbors. Live a good life. Hold the door, say thank you, volunteer, donate. Stop trying to be a champion of a cause for the day, or until the next cause comes along. 
Excuse me while I put my soap box away. 


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