Something’s not right


Last night on the island, I ran down the path to head to the western island, but happened to take the left fork in the path near the bottom.  I ran across a small camp with an NPC sleeping.  I talked to him, was prompted to ask, how to we fight the demons.  His reply was,

They are not your enemy.


And I have been wondering.  Where are all of our leaders.  We have all been taking orders from the Kirin Tor, have been told time and time again, Illidan is not the bad guy, it is the Legion.  We have to fight them.  We see Argus is near destruction.  But I have to step back and wonder.  Is the Legion invading us, or are they escaping their planet to ours.  Are they invaders or refugees.

All we keep doing is breaking down wards and protections, setting Illidan free, taking down the source of power in Suramar, and I have to think to myself,


Are we being played.  Are we not the brave heroes, but instead the bad guys.

Doing the Priest class hall questline last night, we had to use a few Priest abilities, one of which rarely gets used, shackle undead.  But it was interesting to realize.  Casting Mass Dispel on some goats revealed a Trickster we had to kill.  What else have we been looking at that may be concealed.  The Kirin Tor are very powerful, is it to far fetched to think that they could cast a spell on us to see demons instead of people, to see Imp’s instead of children?  How much have we already seen where things are an illusion.

How do we know that we are not the cause of the destruction of Argus.




3 thoughts on “Something’s not right

  1. I like you theory. “..a spell on us to see demons instead of people, to see Imp’s instead of children?” Creepy! 🙂

    I had a similar experience recently. I’m a mage so I don’t mind taking orders from Kirin Tor but in the quests to get a new follower, I’ve been asked to do some weird things. I didn’t think that what we were doing was a good idea. Plus a new person who is now in my class hall is shady af. Maybe I’m just paranoid but I don’t trust their story. I wonder if it’s just a lazy storytelling (“I randomly met her in the woods and she asked to join us so here she is”) or it will bite me in the arse later. Maybe the Legion (or other evil people) infiltrate our class halls and attack within. That would be awesome.

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    1. I have one of the ghost witches we have fought countless times in dungeons. I put her as a bodyguard last night. I’m taking her off today. I was getting tired of her pathing getting her stuck on rocks, or she would just hang back. And the constant, you brought this on yourself.

      I am very suspicious

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