Something’s not right cont.


Is it all a Grand Illusion.  Are we all actually being the bad guy.


How do we know that is really Khadgar, where are our leaders, the entire expansion has been about perceptions, and what we see in front of us, and we continue to see things are not what they appear.

As players we normally have a lot of issues with the game.  We have problems with design, with changes, with how we are encouraged to be played.  A great many of us have played for many years, to a point where we kind of have an attunement to how our characters would be, if they were real.  This expansion is supposed to be much better than Warlords, there is more content, more things to do, and yet, we are as loud and vocal as ever, and I wonder if perhaps, it may be partially subliminal in nature.  Perhaps deep down, we all have a nagging feeling that,


Some part of us, just does not feel like we are doing what we should be doing.  I have thought things felt off for quite awhile, why all of a sudden is Illidan not a bad guy, why are we training the Whithered to fight, why are there demons roaming around Suramar city, and the big one, why am I wearing cloth armor that has been made on a secret loom, that is infused with Fel.  A process given to the city Tailors, so that they can create powerful armor, but the catch is they used Fel to do it.  Now I see from getting the Legendary Tailoring pattern, there are humanoid creatures on the island that I loot to gather Ancient Imbued cloth.  But I am killing demons and getting it, demons are not humanoid, or are they?

Part of me wonders, if this is all leading up to a huge honking, AH HA!!! moment.  A point where all is revealed, where we find out we have been manipulated into doing what some being more powerful than any we have ever faced is manipulating us to do what they want.  We all know that we need to fight together in order to beat the bad guy, and yet we constantly find areas where we get flagged for PvP so we fight each other, there were points where we were working together to storm the city, and then back at each others throats.  Something is not right in Azeroth, and I wonder if it is not the latest round of Hunter nerfs, Sorry Hunters, all of the hugs, but more an underlying feeling that we are not being the champions of what’s right, but instead we are being used as the bad guys.


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