Is the PTR flawed

The PTR is different than Beta. It is testing of new content, and I guess also evaluating class changes. I have really never tried it. I have once or twice logged into it to see how a major class change would feel to me. But I do not have the knowledge or skill to evaluate whether something is great, or broken. I wouldn’t know the first thing about trying dungeons at high difficulty or raids for that matter. To be honest, I don’t think that my opinion would matter at all. 

I always took it to be the time when the worlds first folks were in there working on strategy to be ready on the major patch day to hit the races. But I wonder if there are to many of the more elite type player, and not enough average folks in there. Mostly I don’t know what to look for, or what they want tested. Sure they can change values of stats, can make adjustments to tier bonuses, but what if you don’t have the top gear, what if you are not a great player. 

Do they even want me in there?


6 thoughts on “Is the PTR flawed

  1. You’re exactly the type of player that should be in there. I think part of the trouble with the PTR is that is has a lot of the higher-level players in it, which gives a certain type of feedback to the devs. It’s a bit skewed that way, you know? They need players of all types in there to get a more rounded view of what’s going on.
    As for what you do in there? You just play the game the way you normally would. You can give them direct feedback if you like, but even just you being in there playing as you normally would will give them all sorts of really useful data.
    I saw one of your tweets to a dev about how it would be useful for them to do a post about what they want people to do on the PTR – what they’re looking for and what you can give feedback on, and I think that’s a great idea. Yes, they’ll want people to test the new dungeons and raids etc. But if that’s not for you, you can test world quests or other things that are in the game to see how they go. Sometimes they just want to test server load (which is what the whole “Nomi World Boss” thing was about a few weeks ago).

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    1. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to report logs of performance, and dread the thought of others looking at the numbers and point out how I am not playing correctly. I’ve seen how ruthless those higher level players can be to people just wanting help. During Draenor there was the way you had to play. If you couldn’t you were bad and should play another class or quit WoW. That someone figured out a different way, that wasn’t as good, but was playable to maybe 85-90% allowed me to feel good enough to join in on Hellfire. But prior to that, before he had enough support behind him, the theory was discounted as being not worth it because it was not optimal. They really need to have a more simplified choice. As it is now, I tried doing Mythic EN last week. I was just short of 300k in 895 gear. They brought in another Priest in similar gear, he was over 600k. Disparity like that just makes me not want to raid at all.

      I would love if they did more of the Nomi stuff, but did it for other times. Any stuff they do seems to fall during their working hours. Which is fine for you vs mods, but to test invasions, or world content, it would be great to know they wanted people to try something at different times.


      1. Oh. And my tweet to Devalore probably went unnoticed. I do feel at times if you don’t have thousands of followers or are a streamer with a following you don’t get noticed.


  2. I think too that there is a perception that the PTR is only for really good players or for people just bored with the current game. It might be a good idea for them to have an options form on your bnet account that you could check off interests in the game you would be willing to test. Then to email you that they will be looking at data for a certain set of dates and times if you would like to participate. Give people a focus, and say if they do 5 tests, they might get a random bonus satchel.

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