If it means that much to you, you’ll have to do the work. 

Last week I ran around a portion of the island killing hundreds of mobs for a special cloth, and dropped about 30,000 gold buying a few things I needed to make the new Tailoring Legendary shoulders. It was recommended to me to sell them for 250,000 gold. More money than I have ever thought to make off of anything. There were a few listed below that, and a few above. They didn’t sell. Thinking about it, I relisted for 175,000 and the next day I had a nice surprise in my mail. But I wondered. How do I make more?  Was this a one off, you had your chance and sold it. I was answered last night. The quest giver was back, and I had the same quests to do all over again. 

Now I have never been one to shy away from doing the work. I have exalted for all the Booty Bay type reps. So I thought about it. Killing a few hundred creatures takes about an hour or so, buying the one thing from the vendor for thousands of shards is tougher, or you spend 25,000 gold or more in the Auction House, the normal cloth I have plenty of, taking the trip to the Suramar hidden loom is nothing. But the final two pieces. Thread from the final bosses in Court of Stars and The Arcway. There’s the rub. 

I will probably do it this week if others are. But I have lost the desire to run Mythic dungeons for professions. So I guess it truely is a case of if you want it bad enough you do the work. But I don’t think I want it that bad. 

I already have Legendary shoulders. The 3 sockets would make these just a tiny bit better. At least until they decide it’s too powerful for a crafted item and make some changes. I will probably make this one extra and sell it. I’m sure the price has already started dropping. At some point it won’t be worth the effort you need to put into it. 

I think they may be slightly on tova better track with professions, we went from them having no meaning and being insanely easy in Draenor, to being exaserbatingly difficult in Legion. Hope the next grand idea falls somewhere in between. Learning something by disecting a bosses armor once is great. Even say a 33% chance, but needing to do it over and over every week, is just forcing players to do something for a thing. Encouragement would be that eventually you wouldn’t need too. But then again, I don’t have to do any of this. It’s still my choice. 


One thought on “If it means that much to you, you’ll have to do the work. 

  1. I feel your mythic pain. I stumble over that road-block/hurdle a lot and often wait until someone in the guild needs a healer.
    Making gold via the shoulders is a good idea now while the idea is hot. Players may not know that they can be used for their leveling Alts (they can be put on at 100, I think). So, if you are brave and patient; barking your wares in Trade might pay off.

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