Less than 2000 rep to go

Sunday night I broke 10,000 honored. I might have gotten flying on Monday. Perhaps not. I think I have a rep mission but I did not log in. I am entering an odd time. 

I thought a great deal about why would I want to continue pressing on, why run two Mythic dungeons, so I could make another set of shoulders to sell?  To take for myself, over 100,000 gold, to toss in a bank for a rainy day?  An interesting thing happens when you step away from the chase for the gold ring. The constant desire to have the best, the best in slot armor, the best enchants and gems. When you just use what is given to you. I realize 

I will never be a decent player again. The amount of time and effort to even just keep up is beyond me now. I see people talking about abandoned Alts, even different specs, because the amount of work involved to bring them up to a playable level is too much. 

There is plenty to do. But it just resets every day. There is no end, so why be in a rush to finish that which can never be finished. More Artifact power?  The numbers keep going up, do this quest and get 6 million. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot, until you see you need a hundred million, then it’s a drop in the bucket. It takes more effort to try to be first. If you wait a few days, your Artifact Knowledge will rise again. Mine is something goofy like 200,000%. It is borderline silly. But someone thought that having the number for the reward rise, was a good thing. It will help people complete their second or third weapon. 

That’s a decent design choice I guess. But for those starting to just focus on one main, one spec, the work is a slog. And I just don’t have the energy to do it. So yesterday on a day off, I spent some time outside cutting grass, did some laundry and cleaning, and watched some television. I had 0 interest in logging in, even being so close to getting flying. Because it has ceased being a desired reward. It took to long to be implemented, to me at least. A thing only has a great deal of value for the time you desire to have it. I could live with the whistle, and my kite. 

Flying gated behind too much content, no longer has value to me. Either put it in at a certain point or don’t. I have grown tired of rewards behind specific tasks. Pavlov’s dog has left the building, and instead just wants to go have some fun. 


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