11,999 of 12,000

With the 50% bonus up for World Quests, I Completed 2 on the island and saw the next would have me at 11,999.  So I tossed 200 at the Mage Tower and that pushed me over.

I can fly. And once you can?  The island is not really that big a place. It feels big on the ground as you ride down roads and navigate around passages and roads, up, down, over, and through mountains. The other 5 quests that were up took 20 minutes with flying for the two of us.

I was able to finally get those last elusive treasures scattered about in all the zones in about 90 minutes. And let me say, some of those caves are so hard to find, even with map coordinates telling me exactly where it was, it’s a wonder anyone found them by actually playing. Data mining is playing a big part in negating exploration and discovery in the game. Certainly flying makes not having to fight your way through an entire zone more pleasant. But I think the big culprit is the fact that Blizzard allows the information to be stripped from their code.

Now that I have it, I will probably start doing some Emissary quests again. At least all for the first bonus cache. Will I do more?  I don’t know. The remaining weeks to complete the story are going to drag out a long time. The choice is mine on what I work on as we await the unlocking of Tomb.

I happy to be able to fly again. But the work is still there. Just easier to get to.


4 thoughts on “11,999 of 12,000

  1. Grats on your flying 🙂
    It made all the difference for me, doing WQs and getting caches is so quick now!
    “Data mining is playing a big part in negating exploration and discovery in the game.” I don’t think this needs to be true for everyone, I appreciate it because I would not enjoy looking for things but if you want to explore on your own, you still can. You don’t have to read guides and look things up. The information is there, if you get it or not is your choice.

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    1. Very true. I rarely look things up on WoWhead, unless it has me so stumped with the quest wording that I am missing the obvious. I had a treasure add on from Draenor, that I guess updated to Legion, is shows on the map where treasures are certainly, but also goes as far as to tell you, in a cave, entrance at these coordinates. There was one cave where the entrance was underwater in what looked like a shallow stream. Another treasure seems to be under Darkheart Thicket. I saw it on the mini map, tried approaching from several directions, looked at the tool tip and saw a cave entrance just south of it, and walked in under the dungeon instance. Without that added information? Probably would have just skipped over many of them.

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