I am not bothered the Alliance had a cinematic. 

This week the Horde Class Hall story got a turn in for 2,500, errr, 1 shard turn in. That was it. I was expecting to maybe have a few quests to do, but it was fairly mundane. The Alliance had an additional cinematic where the young king visits the place where his father fell in battle. I have tin foil hat theories that maybe he Fel in battle and that we may see an aspect of him again, because Guldan is a right bastard. But I digress. It doesn’t even bother me that they got an Artifact Power reward. It was an emotional quest for a lot of players. If I were a betting man, I would venture a guess that at some point in the coming weeks there will be a horde one, or maybe not at all. I get AP tokens now worth over 1 million.  In a few days I will have a RNG chance that could double. It’s a silly mechanic with insane numbers that never seem to end, grind resources to place work orders, to raise your knowledge, to place mission orders to gain more AP, to do quests and content for great powerful upgrades that require even higher costs. They could have easily just given you 1 point for every 25 things you did. 

What I disliked from the Alliance cinematic was a reinforcement to the rivalry. Oh look, that’s right, the Horde archers left the cliff, left the King to die, dirty evil Horde, they did this, kill them all. And that bothers me. I did both scenarios. I see how the continuation of the conflict has been shaped. And after all of these years, I would like it to stop now. 

Perhaps someone behind the decision making is a fan of war, of great battles for Nobel causes. There are no winners in war. Oh certainly the Kings, or rulers of one side celebrate their victory blissfully ignorant of the fallen. At the rate we are encouraged to fight each other, is it too far fetched to wonder if Children’s weeks eventually is us taking them into battle to make more soldiers?  War and conflict is something people can get behind for a short time. But at some point it is too much. 

The world we play in is worth more than the antiquated ideals of an Orc vs Humans design philosophy. We have grown up. Maybe the game should too. 


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