I am cutting them all out of my Warcraft life.


All of them and I am sure some others I may run across in the forthcoming purge.  I am done with the intrusiveness of the programs and web sites.  I did not mind the Curse Client program.  You ran it, updated your add on programs, and closed it.  I had no need for Curse Chat, or any other features.  But when I closed it, it was closed.  So Twitch purchased them, and now, any time I start up my computer, there it is front and center.  The same with Discord.  I have tried removing them from the start up, but I obviously am not as computer literate as I was years ago.  So, I am just removing them completely.  It is troubling to me, that these programs are strong arming themselves into functions of my computer that I am not comfortable with.  What if something happens to their program and the next time I start up my computer it develops major issues.  Will they send someone out to fix my computer?  Will they pay for me to take it to a shop?  I don’t think so, because they are “Free”  They are Freeware programs.  But I feel like more and more, they are all trying to get a piece of me for some compensation.  I have had enough of outside sources looking to gain some knowledge of me.  From now on, if I cannot play the game without the default program, then there is an issue in the program.  I should not need outside third party programs to play a game.  Certainly some are for convenience, but I have drawn the line in the sand.  Enough is enough.

We all see every day, we follow someone and the first interaction we get is a DM to follow their YouTube, or Twitch stream, everyone is looking for a piece of the gaming pie.  And I am taking my pie off the table.  I am sure many may say I am over reacting, they are not doing anything with your information.  All it takes is for some company to purchase another.  We all saw years ago with Shadowpriest.com.  First it was bought by someone in advertising that actually played WoW, not long after it was sold to another company, and we all know how it went from there.  Right now, Curse was bought by Twitch.  And their program now runs as soon as you start your PC.  What might it be next year.  I saw recently, that AOL has now taken up supplying email for Verizon, is it too far fetched to see them at some point in the future acquiring all of these web sites under their banner?  We are at the dawning of the eSPorts era.  Someone somewhere is trying to figure out the best way to profit from it all.  And our dependency on certain programs will allow them to get their hooks in easily enough.  Discord is free, but what happens when they say they are losing money, you can have it for $1 a month, or $2, or $5.

I could be a complete nutter, tilting at windmills.  But I am taking the step to remove the intrusive from my gaming world.


3 thoughts on “I am cutting them all out of my Warcraft life.

  1. I completely understand. I liked the Curse Client program but now it’s really getting on my nerves. I did not ask for another chat or voice chat option. I’m sure it’s good for some people but I’d like to go back to the old version and it’s not possible. I still don’t know what to do about it but it’s really annoying me.
    If these services need (or want) money, there are a few things they can do: offer a subscription (like Wowhead does) or get bought by a bigger company (like Curse did), or both, which is the worst option imho. I value Wowhead enough to give them my money but the second they try to do something I don’t like, I’m never going back there again.

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    1. Can’t tell you how many times I have looked at something on Amazon from my phone, only to see the same item show up on Facebook on my PC.


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