Z and Cinder’s Challenge Topic 16

Which zone or area reminds you of your home

This is a tough one for me.  I live in southern New Jersey.  WHile most may think of New Jersey as factories airports and the turnpike, for me it is small towns, farmland, the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Jersey shore, not that tv show.  I am a few miles from Philadelphia, and I don’t think there is anywhere in Azeroth that reminds me of home.  But I thought, where would Marathal call home.  And I think I know just the place.

Located on the eastern shore of Lordamere lake on the border of Hillsbrad foothills and Silverpine Forrest there is this little house.


It is all I would want.  A small unassuming home, with a dock and a lake to fish if I wanted to.  A very peaceful and quiet place.  Somewhere to go when the world is falling apart.  This is where he will retire some day.


It suits him in my mind.  And I don’t think I could choose a place anywhere else in the game for him to call home.


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